TALES OF THE TUDORS - These posts refer to the Tudor Age and the historical events that appear in The Devil's Band or The Devil's Lance. Most first appeared on my Facebook page: facebook.com/thedevilstonechronicles

22.12.17 WORDES & MUSIC - Wynkyn de Worde and the First Book of Christmas Carols

29.9.17 UNLUCKY IN LOVE - The man who created Romeo & Juliet

04.07.17 NEVER TRUST YOUR IN-LAWS - How Henry VIII was duped into invading the Basque Country

17.06.17 HENRY VIII - Chivalrous Prince or Brutal King?

29.05.17 DRACULA'S CHILDREN - What happened to the descendants of Vlad the Impaler?

19.05.17 BRIDGET'S CONFESSION - Who was the woman who sent Anne Boleyn to the scaffold?

16.05.17 ANGEL OR DEMON? - Meet the Real Lucretia Borgia

14.03.17 IN THE ARSE ITS BLACK - The curious connection between Henry V & Count Dracula

10.12.16 GREEN & GOLD - The Emerald Tablet and the origins of European Alchemy

03.12.16 DOTAWO - Last Christian Kingdom of Medieval Nubia

12.11.16 FUGGER THE RICH - The Life of Jakob Fugger or How to steal an election

07.11.16 CREATING THE WORLD'S FIRST SUPERPOWER- Charles V &the imperial election of 1519

29.10.16 THE FAMILY OF LOVE - Reynold Scot and The Discoverie of Witchcraft

25.10.16 ABANDON ALL HOPE -  A brief guide to Dante's Hell

11.10.16 MARY'S MIDNIGHT RIDE - Another episode from the horrible history of Hermitage Castle

09.10.16 BLACK ARTS AND RED CAPS – The Secret History of Hermitage Castle

22.09.16 PLEADING THE 5TH - How an infamous Tudor court shaped the US Constitution

18.09.16 THE ROSE & THE LILY Henry VIII's wars with France

07.09.16 THE ROAD TO UTOPIA - A brief guide to Sir Thomas More's Masterpiece

23.08.16 BISHOPS, BROTHELS & BOXING - A brief history of Southwark

14.08.16 THE CITY ON THE TICINO - A brief history of Pavia

09.08.16 ON THE WATERFRONT - The great Tudor mansions of the Strand

05.08.16 TRANSATLANTIC TUDORS - John Rut's Voyage to America

29.07.16 THAT SINKING FEELING - A brief history of Renaissance submarines

20.07.16 FROM THE BORDERS TO THE MOON - A curious tale of two Armstrongs

21.05.16 HENRY, HERCULES & THE PRINCES - The epic poetry of Bernard Andreas

14.05.16 WILLOWS & ROSES - The life and death of Martin Schwarz

08.05.16 HERE BE DRAGONS - St Clement & the Graoully of Metz

09.04.16 MUSICIAN & MASTER SPY - The life of Petrus Alamire

23.04.16 SORRY IS THE HARDEST WORD - Martin Luther's letter to Henry VIII

23.04.16 A WAR OF WORDS - Letters from Henry VIII's war in FLanders


15.03.16 TAKING THE RUDDER - Louise of Savoy & the Paix des Dames

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GENERAL HISTORY - These posts refer to other periods and historical subjects and many first appeared on my facebook page: facebook.com/thedevilstonechronicles